Timeline 1971 to 2007

Timeline of activities from 1971 to 2007
Year Activity
1971 Anstey Academic Board’s observations and recommendations were submitted to the James Enquiry on Higher Education.
  An In-Service B.Ed. course offered.
1972 Anstey Old Students Association (AOSA) renamed the Anstey Association of Past and Present Students (AAPPS).
1973 Anstey’s 75th Anniversary was celebrated. A 4 year B.Ed. with honours awarded
  At the 7th Congress IAPESGW, in Tehran, two Anstey students selected as members of the GB Team in Modern Education Dance and Gymnastics.
1974 To commemorate the 75th Anniversary Colin Crunden member of staff published “A History of Anstey College of Physical Education 1897 to 1972”.
1975 Muriel Webster’s last year as President of AAPPS. Barbara Blossom (Anstey 1942 to 1945) elected President.
1975 Anstey incorporated into the City of Birmingham Polytechnic within the Centre for Teaching, Education and Training (CTET) as Anstey Department of Physical Education (ADPE).
  Reginald Howlett appointed Head of Department 1975 to 1978 (on the staff 1966 to 1975).
  College course validated by Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA).
1978 Mike Rowe appointed Head of Anstey School in the City of Birmingham Polytechnic when Reginald Howlett retired.
1979 London Summer Tea for AAPPS.
1981 CNAA in-service B.Ed. (PT) approved. Last Anstey lecturer appointed (Tansin Benn, ADPE became Anstey School of PE (ASPE).
Farewell to Anstey - a meeting at which 8 old students spoke of their experiences of being Anstey students. Colin Crunden (Carnegie and 1969 Anstey staff) appointed last Head of Anstey School, City of Birmingham Polytechnic until 1984.

Anstey College at yew tree house closed.

1984 The AAPPS continued but changed its name to the Anstey Association (AA) so that old students/staff etc could continue with their connections at the General and Regional Meetings and Celebrations. Anstey School at the City of Birmingham Polytechnic closed
1985 The Anstey Association had their last formal meeting at the Polytechnic.
1986 9 regional meetings of Anstey Association held around the country.
1987 Celebration of 90th birthday of College at Crick.
1988 Inauguration of Anstey Room, to house the College’s archives in Ravensbury House, Westbourne Road, Edgbaston
1991 Anstey Association 80th birthday at Crick.
1997 100 years – a centenary celebration, at Crick for the foundation of Anstey College.
  10th Region formed within the AA. Barbara Blossom (1942 to 1945) President AA from 1975 retired. Eizabeth Loughrey (Truman) (1949 to 1952) elected President of the AA.
1998 Nine new residential blocks for the University of Central England (formerly City of Birmingham Polytechnic) given names linked to Anstey’s history.
2001 Anstey Association 90th birthday at Crick.
2004 Elizabeth Loughrey President of AA retired. Nicki Phillips (Constant) (Anstey 1962 to 1965) elected President.
2005 Documentation of Anstey Archives relocation process to Birmingham City Archives at Birmingham Central Library began.
2007 April 29th – 110th Anniversary at Crick to commemorate the foundation of the College
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