Buffalo Bill

Image showing William F Cody (aka Buffalo Bill) in a procession on New StreetThe American showman Buffalo Bill brought his Wild West Show to Birmingham in 1900.

Buffalo Bill's real name was William F.Cody. Born in Iowa in 1846, his early life as a scout and hunter helped form the myth of the American west.

His Wild West Show was conceived in the 1880s and used cowboys, Native Americans and animals to present a stylised version of life in the west. The Show had previously come to England for Queen Victoria's 1887 Golden Jubilee celebrations.

The collection has five prints recording the remarkable parade along New Street. Subjects include Cossacks, Mexicans and Native Americans.

Information about the collection and access

The reference for the collection is MS 4623. The collection has five prints.

Enquires to view this material should be made through our Archives and Collections service.

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