Birmingham music venues

Birmingham has had its fair share of music venues over the years. This series looks at the venues and the names that have been part of the City's heritage. From the smokey clubs where you could see local bands to the places to see national and international stars.

In the days before arenas and stadiums, you could see local bands making a great noise or national and international chart stars. Some 'unknowns' went on to become major acts . Its venues have been staging posts for local legends like Black Sabbath, The Move, Steel Pulse, Robert Plant, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Judas Priest, UB40 and Ocean Colour Scene.

Then there were the names playing the small clubs, which meant a lot locally. Do you remember The Barrel Organ, The Mercat Cross, Bogarts? And bands that played these venues like Little Acre, Mean Street Dealers, Quartz, Cryer, Jameson Raid, The Quads?

These are challenging times for acts and venues alike. Places to play are still going, however, where established and new acts of the local and national scene can play. And, who knows, they may become the big names of tomorrow?

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