Timeline 1951 to 1970

Timeline of activities from 1951 to 1970
Year Activity
1951 Last year of London Diploma in the Theory and Practice of Physical Education.
1952 Third year students awarded the University of Birmingham Institute of Education, Certificate in Education.
1955 Anstey’s second year students attend Lilleshall National Recreation Centre for a one week’s Athletics Course.
  C. Marion Squire retired.
  Audrey Hobbs (Bedford 1921 to 1924) and Muriel Webster (Anstey 1925 to 1928 and Anstey staff from 1938) appointed Joint Principals.
  With financial and administrative difficulties Anstey became a maintained College administered by Staffordshire Education Authority with Mr Browning as Clerk to the College Council. This followed detailed discussions between Ministry of Education, Staffs Council Officers, Marion Squire.
  The Ministry of Education agreed to a stay of execution for seven years 1955 to 1962. Anstey was the last Women’s College of Physical Education to lose its independence.
1958 Anstey students perform gymnastics demonstration at the International Conference at Cardiff preceding the Commonwealth Games.
  Muriel Webster appointed Chair of Association of Principals of Women’s Colleges of Physical Education (APWCPE) 1958 to 1960.
1959 Students’ Union decided to discontinue using the Anstey Badge.
1960 Collaboration with Saltley College, students attended a drama course at Saltley as one of the second year options . The first combined college dances started at Anstey.
1961 First year students’ camp at Nash Court in Shropshire.
1962 Number of students in college increased to 104.
1964 Miss Hobbs retired. Miss Webster continued as Principal until 1969.
1965 Last Anstey Magazine.
1965 to 1966 First students able to register for Bachelor of Education Degree awarded by the University of Birmingham after studying a four year course (three year certificate course plus one year Educational Studies – Education, PE and Teaching Methods). First male member of staff Reginald Howlett. Appointed as Senior Dance Lecturer.
1966 to 1969 DES approve merger between Anstey and Madeley (Staffs) – (it never happened).
1967 Marion Squire died. Anstey no longer viable. DES approval merger of the two college councils to transfer Anstey to Madeley (it never happened).
1969 Muriel Webster retired after 34 years at Anstey as a student (1925 to 1928), member of the staff from 1938, Joint Principal with Miss Hobbs from 1955 to 1964, sole Principal to 1969. Ida Webb, (Anstey student 1947 to 1950), was appointed Principal.
1970 4 year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) awarded. First Year Camp at Coniston in The Lake District. Two students selected as members of the British Team demonstrating Educational Dance and Gymnastics in Tokyo at 6th IAPESGW Congress.
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