Reserving items (LSAH customers only)

To obtain your card number and PIN you will need to contact LSAH by telephone or email

To reserve an item you will need to be a LSAH library member. You can reserve items in person with the staff member on your delivery day, by email, by telephone, or online through 'My Account'.

Reserve an item online

Search the online catalogue then select Reserve Selections. You will be prompted for your card number and PIN if you are not already logged in.

Make sure that we have your correct email address on our database.

You will need to choose your Pickup Location - for home customers you should choose "LSAH" as your pickup location. When available the reservation will be delivered to your usual address.

The rest of the choices are optional:

  • Titles Required: if you have reserved more than one copy of the same title but you only require one then set this to 1.
  • Not required after: this is set to 3 months, if you have not received your reservation after 3 months the system will automatically cancel it. You can change this to which ever option is appropriate.

Open the online catalogue

Page last updated: 18 October 2023

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