Final impressions - the end of the interview

We have previously discussed the importance of making a positive, initial impact at your interview. It is also vital that you leave the interviewer with a good final impression.

It is very rare for the interviewee not to be given the chance to ask questions at the end of the interview. Therefore, it is a poor candidate who does not have some questions ready for such a moment.

  • Do not ask too many questions - remember it is you that is being interviewed and not vice versa!
  • Do not ask questions just for the sake of it, restrict them to intelligent and relevant questions about the job or organisation. For example; what training and development opportunities will be open to me?
  • If you have not had the opportunity to talk about a key area of your work or experience during the interview, now is the time to mention it. You could possibly ask how important is the said area of work in the role you are applying for. This then provides you with an ideal platform to demonstrate your strength in this area.
  • Do not ask questions about areas that could easily be found by a simple internet search. This shows a basic lack of preparation.
  • Avoid asking about pay or holiday entitlement. These can be discussed later when you have been offered the post.
  • Do ask the interviewer when you may expect to hear whether or not you have been successful.

Remember, this is your final chance to impress. Be enthusiastic and positive! Smile and thank the interviewer or interview panel for their time. Finally, remember to stay in 'interview mode' until you are well away for the organisation. Do not suddenly rip off your tie and sigh deeply the moment that you leave the room!

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