Being made redundant

In today’s economic climate, many people face being made redundant. Their employers have decided that they need to reduce the workforce to cut costs.

Coping with Redundancy

People react to being made redundant in different ways, but for most people the initial emotions are those of shock, fear, anger and helplessness. This is a perfectly normal reaction to redundancy. For many of us, our work is such a large part of our lives that it becomes part of who we are. When this is taken away it can feel as if our identity has been undermined. The important thing is not to let these feelings dominate your life for months and months after the initial shock. The rate of recovery from this period differs from person to person. However, those with a plan of action will move forward quicker than those who sit back and let things take their course. The way we think about things and respond to them has a huge impact on the way we feel about them.

You need to act positively and regain control of both the situation and your life.

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