The interview

Getting there

  • Allow plenty of time to get to the interview. It is always better to be slightly early than arriving late!
  • Carry your mobile phone with you. If the worst happens and you do get held up, you can ring the organisation and inform them of the delay. Just remember to turn it off before you go in to the interview!
  • It is good practice to take along the letter inviting you to interview. It will contain vital information such as contact numbers and names.
  • Take a copy of your CV or Application Form with you, just to remind yourself of your skills and experience prior to the interview.
  • Carry some form of ID with you. It isn't always necessary, but better to be safe than sorry!

First impressions

  • Remember that your interview starts the moment that you approach the organisation. You cannot be sure who is observing you at any time. Watch your body language, look confident and purposeful.
  • The first person you meet maybe a Receptionist or an Assistant. Do not drop your guard, although they may not be interviewing you, they may be asked for their impressions. Aim for the 'friendly, but professionally detached' approach.
  • When called to the interview room, greet the interviewer with a firm handshake and try to speak confidently and clear. Sit up straight and appear eager to receive the first question.
  • You will feel nervous, this is normal. Just remember that you will feel more nervous than you look. Focus on steady breathing and keeping your hands still. Make frequent eye contact with the interviewer. Try and mirror the body language of the interviewer in terms of their posture and amount of eye contact. Remember they may be nervous too!

The interview

We'll cover interview questions in the next section, but here are some final tips on how to behave at your interview.

  • Remember you are selling yourself and presentation is key. Take heed of the inevitable truth: You never get a second chance to make a good impression!
  • You will feel more confident and less nervous if you are well prepared.
  • To appear convincing at the interview, you first need to convince yourself that this is the job you want.
  • By demonstrating that you have done some research into the job or the organisation you show that you are genuinely interested and enthusiastic about the post.
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