It's Always Me They're After - Ann De Bode and Rein Broere

Peter moves into a new house and almost immediately has trouble with a bully who not only lives on the same street but is also in his class at school. His teacher tries to deal with the school situation, but he needs his mother's help to resolve the overall problem.

We're Talking About Bullying - Anne Charlish

This book contains case studies for the children to discuss and is intended to help both the bullies and the bullied.

Bullying - Michele Elliott

The author is the director of the charity "Kidscape" and gives sound advice aimed at younger teenagers. It has a very approachable format with a lot of quotes from teenagers and famous people who were bullied when young.

I Feel Bullied - Jen Green

A simple introduction to bullying for young children which describes different types of bullying and the feelings of people who get bullied. Advises that the best thing to do if you feel bullied is to tell a grown-up. It has amusing cartoon style illustrations.

How Do I Feel About Bullies and Gangs? - Julie Johnson

Good coverage of the subject for younger readers which includes the more subtle types of bullying as well as the more obvious types. "Tell someone" is the main message.

What Do We Think About Bullying? - Jillian Powell

This book is aimed at primary age children and includes advice for parents and teachers.

Dealing With Bullying - Pete Sanders

This book has a comic strip story running through it to illustrate in fictional form the main points of the text. It has a chapter on racist bullying and briefly covers Bullying Courts and School Councils.

Dealing With Bullying - Yvette Solomon

A book for older children that includes brief sections on bullying in institutions and sexual harassment and abuse, as well as the usual aspects of the topic. It stresses the importance of friends and gives advice on making and keeping friends.

Gangs & Bullies - Rosemary Stones

This book describes the different forms bullying can take and gives advice on how schools and individuals can deal with the problem. It looks at the fine divide between gangs and groups and bullying and teasing and includes case studies.

No More Bullying - Rosemary Stones

Shows school bullying from a child's point of view and how the victim can seem to be the one behaving badly. The problem is solved when the bullied girl plucks up the courage to tell her teacher what is going on and the class agree bullying is not a nice thing to do.

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