Story books

Bernard's Gang - Dick Cate

Bernard feels left out when his special friend plays with someone else and now a big boy, with big fists is asking him for money. His dad says he should fight back, but is that really good advice? Perhaps what he needs is a gang of his own.

Lady Long-Legs - Jan Mark

The year four girls like to make rules about which tiles people can walk on and which they can't. Nisba may be new at the school but she knows how to stand up for herself and have pride in being tall.

Bad Girls - Jacqueline Wilson

Mandy is picked on at school by a gang of girls. They laugh at her clothes and hairstyle and make unkind remarks about her mum and dad. Mandy finds a new friend, brave and daring Tanya, who makes her feel happy again, but her mum says Tanya is a bad influence. She may have been shop lifting!

Buried Alive - Jacqueline Wilson

A funny, adventure story about Tim and his friend Biscuits. They enjoy their holiday in Wales until they meet the bully "Prickle Head" and his mates. The story has an underlying message about how to be a real friend.

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