What is a writing group for?

You have to be brave to go to a creative writing group for the first time because you are going to learn that most of what you write is rubbish, pure nonsense, a tedious waste of ink and tree but if you are serious about writing, this is an invaluable lesson to learn rather than labouring under a yoke of ignorance for years deluding yourself with the lie that you ‘just have to get lucky’.

You need to work at your writing, persist and persevere. Meeting with like minds in focused groups can help you a lot. Most groups are full of writers who are willing to share their work and discuss it in a friendly environment. You’ll get criticism, advice, an audience, a sense of belonging and a chance to discuss all those niggling problems that would bore non-writers to tears. Writing groups are a good first step to producing better work and in the end they become whatever you make of them.

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