Teenage fiction

Hangman - Julia Jarman

When Danny moves to Toby's Secondary School his mother puts him under pressure to befriend Danny. However Danny is different and Toby dreads being seen as his friend and has to decide whether to side with the bullies or Danny. When their class visit Normandy a harmless game goes dreadfully wrong and Toby has to learn a difficult lesson. This is a gripping story that causes readers to reflect on the outcome.

The Other Side of Truth - Beverley Naidoo

A powerful account of two refugee children and their illegal flight into England, their abandonment and final reunion with their politically outlawed father. Explores issues such as racism and bullying and the danger of, and necessity for, truth. Thought provoking.

The Bailey Game - Celia Rees

When new girl Lauren starts to be bullied, Alex is haunted by memories of the last child to suffer. Bailey was picked on so badly that he tried to kill himself. Alex feels she did not do enough to stop it, so this time breaks the silence by telling her mother. The bully is ultimately defeated by a combination of the girl's ingenuity, the mother's intervention and prompt action by the school staff. This book shows that keeping silent about bullying has far worse consequences than speaking out.

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