Picture books

Willy the Wimp - Anthony Browne

Willy wouldn't hurt a fly. He even apologises when someone hits him. He is bullied by the Suburban Gorilla Gang. Can body building be the answer? A light-hearted book with witty illustrations.

Big Bad Rex - Christina Butler

Big Bad Rex wants Diplodocus, Stegosaurus and Triceratops for his dinner. The three dinosaurs are terrified but decide to stop Rex's bullying. When Rex goes to the beach for a snack he has a big surprise. The dinosaurs have got all their friends together to teach him a lesson.

Little Rabbit Foo Foo - Michael Rosen

A very silly story about a bully bunny who goes round bopping everyone on the head. The Good Fairy will only give him three chances to change his ways, before turning him into a goonie. Will he listen to the warnings?

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