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Setting up a health day for trainee teachers

The University of Southampton have developed a handbook and toolkit with guidance on setting up a Health Day for trainee teachers.

OPAL Programme - Supporting better, healthier play and learning in schools

OPAL is all about achieving a total `cultural change’ within a school, moving from an attitude that dismisses play as an inconvenience and a risk, to a whole-hearted belief by all staff in the benefits of active, rich, varied and challenging playtimes for all children. The programme needs the full commitment and constant support of the Headteacher to be successful.

Sport Premium for schools can be used for active play initiatives (such as the OPAL programme) that promote the development of a healthy lifestyle.

Find out more about OPAL

Children's Obesity - Potential Funding Streams

Sport England are working to ensure children and young people from the age of five are able to enjoy the benefits f sport and physical activity. Visit their website for more information about their work and funding opportunities.

Food Net

Food Net deliver a range of health promotion services to public and professionals. All of Food Net’s activity aims to increase knowledge of healthier eating and build the confidence of clients to convert their knowledge into practical actions for a healthier lifestyle. Food Net offer a range of training to various professionals including children’s centres, nurseries, health professionals, and schools. Contact the Food Net team on 0121 446 1021 or email them to find out more.

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