Ukraine crisis

As people around the world watch what’s happening in Ukraine, Birmingham’s communities are coming together to support international appeals and efforts to help those fleeing war. Details of how to offer support and where to find information and advice can be found on our City of Sanctuary webpage

What if i am not happy with a decision?

If you are not happy with outcome decision made you can request a review of the decision below.  The following decisions can be reviewed:

  • Your eligibility for assistance
  • What duty (if any) is owed to you
  • The steps taken by the housing authority at the prevention and relief stages having regard to the assessment of your personalised housing plan
  • The prevention or relief duty are to end
  •  That you have unreasonably and deliberately refused to co-operate
  •  To refer your case to another authority
  •  The suitability of accommodation offered to you under Section 193 of the Housing Act 1996

Your decision letter will clearly state if you have a right to review the decision.

You must request the review within 21 days of receiving your decision letter.  We will only accept out of time reviews in exceptional circumstances.

Depending on the decision being reviewed you may be entitled to temporary accommodation while the review is being heard.  If you need this then please request it when request your review. 

The length of time that should be taken for hearing a review varies depending upon the decision being reviewed.  Once you submit a review you will be sent confirmation of the time in which the review should be heard.  In some cases the council will require longer than this in which case an extension will be agreed with you.

The possible decisions are:

  • Uphold the original decision
  • Overturn the original decision to a full duty
  • Overturn to the original decision to one of the other possible outcomes.

If you believe that the review decision is wrong in law then you have the right to appeal to the County Court.  This must be done within 21 days of making the decision and it is recommended that you seek legal advice to do this. 

Request a review

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