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Apply for a child performance licence | Child performance licence | Birmingham City Council

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Apply for a child performance licence

You will need:

  • To apply 21 days before the date of the first performance, or the first date the child will have to be absent from school, for example, for rehearsals.
  • To tell us when the child will be performing including;
    • Full details of the performance
    • Dates of the performances and rehearsals
    • Times of the performances and rehearsals
    • The period of time that the activities will take place
  • Two identical passport size photos of the child
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • A copy of the risk assessment relating to the child’s role (if applicable)
  • A copy of the (draft) contract or other agreement relating to the child’s appearance in the performance (if applicable)
  • A registered chaperone approved by the council who must be in charge of the child throughout the period covered by the licence. A chaperone can look after more than one child. Contact the local authority or the relevant organisation for their list of approved chaperones


Please ensure that you have read and fully understood the statutory requirements for the licence you are applying. Failure to comply may lead to the licence being revoked and possible prosecution.

Apply for a child performance licence

Who receives a copy of the licence?

  • The applicant (has the original copy)
  • The child’s school if absence is required
  • The parent (if applicable)
  • The chaperone (if applicable)

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