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Social inclusion, Community Safety and Equalities | Birmingham City Council

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Social inclusion, Community Safety and Equalities

Councillor John Cotton

Summary of responsibilities:

Safer Communities

Strategic citywide leadership for community safety in Birmingham, including  anti-social behaviour, fear of crime in public spaces and ensuring effective support for victims of crime.

Effective relationships and clear shared priorities with the Police and Crime Commissioner and West Midlands Police. 

Leadership on youth offending issues.

CCTV and liaison with Police.

Strategic leadership in relation to Prevent.

Social Cohesion and Inclusion

Approaches to ensure that all Birmingham citizens have opportunity across the social and economic life of the city, within a safe city - including in education, employment, housing, health and social care, civil society and political participation – whether these are delivered by the City Council itself, partner agencies, or by private or third sector organisations. 

Holding to account other relevant Cabinet Members and officers for the delivery of those functions that impact on social cohesion and inclusion.

Tackling Inequality

Strategic approaches to reduce inequalities including around health, education and employment outcomes; ‘access to services’; and participation in civic life.

Neighbourhood advice and information services.

Holding to account other relevant Cabinet Members and officers for the delivery of those functions that impact on inequalities and inclusion.


Equalities within the Community

Development and promotion of shared values and mutual respect across the diverse communities of Birmingham.

Ensuring that community and cultural events promote social cohesion and inclusion


External Challenge

Ensuring that partner agencies, private or third sector organisations are challenged on their contribution to improving social cohesion and inequalities.


Third Sector Partnership and Engagement

Working with and coordination of third sector and partner agencies around equalities, cohesion and inclusivity.

Domestic Violence

All Council activity relating to domestic violence, its impact on families and children and implementing a city-wide domestic violence strategy with partners including advice to the Cabinet Member for Homes and Neighbourhoods on the provision of accommodation and taking advice from the Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care on the health implications of domestic violence.


Read more in Birmingham's Community Cohesion Statement.

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