Cabinet Member for Digital, Culture, Heritage and Tourism

Councillor Saima Suleman

The Cabinet Member has accountability for:

  • Customer Services:  To take a strategic lead in the provision of the City Council’s customer services functions.
  • Oracle Recovery Board Chair: Chairing the Oracle Member Board.
  • Open data and information systems: To provide strategic leadership for open data promoting transparency, building trust and data sharing in everything we do.
  • Digital Inclusion: To provide strategic leadership to our digital inclusion strategy to deliver a fully inclusive digital city, where everyone has the confidence, skills and capacity to access the services and information they need to thrive and live their lives to their full potential in an increasing digital world.
  • Oversight of Council's ICT Strategy, information governance, and GDPR: To provide strategic leadership for information governance, data protection and cyber security protecting our citizens information. To provide strategic leadership for our Digital Birmingham ambition acting as the Councils Ambassador for Digital & innovation so that we make the best use of data, digital and technology so that we can ensure that our services respond even better to the changing needs and expectations of our citizens and businesses.
  • To take a lead on information law and data protection matters
  • Promoting the City's rich heritage:  Promoting our cultural heritage with the public, community and academic partners, ensuring that Birmingham’s cultural and civic history is accessible by our children and young people. Maximising our historic architecture and ensuring the stories of Birmingham’s history are told.
  • Arts, culture and tourism: Sustaining and promoting art, culture and tourism, including management of grants and associated economic opportunities. Delivery of the Birmingham Visitor Destination Plan.
  • Museums: Oversight of the provision and activity of the  Birmingham Museums Trust.
  • Commonwealth Games Legacy: Providing strategic leadership to maximise the benefits of hosting the Commonwealth Games through delivery of a Legacy Plan.
  • The Library of Birmingham and Community Libraries: Oversight of the regional and city-wide role of the Library of Birmingham and the community library service; including the vital part libraries play in communities, learning and skills.
  • Major Sporting Events and Events Development: Advice to the Deputy Leader Lead for Cultural/Heritage Events

Page last updated: 22 May 2024

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