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Deputy Leader of the council

Councillor Sharon Thompson

The Deputy Leader will act as Council Leader where the Leader is not available and has accountability for the review and improvement of all council services, management of all corporate resources of the council, and oversight of the management of services and delivery of outcomes on:

  • Business Change: All major business change programmes.
  • Efficiency and improvement for the council: Jointly, with the Leader, to take a strategic lead in relation to efficiency and improvement across all council services and to foster lean governance in all areas of council work.
    Oversight of good governance in relation to council representation on outside bodies; Trading Services; council-owned companies; and strong ‘client’ governance for externalised services (when Executive decisions needed).
  • Risk management: Strategic risk management, internal audit and holding senior officers to account on the management of risks.
  • Customer Services: To take a strategic lead in the provision of the city council’s customer services functions.
  • External Scrutiny and Local Government Ombudsman: To take appropriate action in response to external scrutiny of the council through inspectorate, peer or Government improvement and/or local government ombudsman reports.
  • Whistleblowing and corporate complaints procedure: To take a corporate lead in relation to Whistleblowing and complaints.
  • Emergency Planning: Arrangements for the council’s response to emergencies, including chairing the Contest Board.
  • Legal: Oversight of the council’s legal services function including political engagement with the council’s Monitoring Officer.
  • Strategic partnerships: Promotion of collaborative working relationships with stakeholders and partners as part of the city’s ‘Civic Family’.
  • Council’s lead on Levelling-Up, Devolution and WMCA: This will include making appropriate arrangements for the council’s response and review to changes in the WMCA constitution, consultation and devolution deals.
  • Employment and Skills: Skills, expansion for key growth sectors enterprise and innovation along with Lifelong Learning (post 14 skills and adult education). Provision of all-age guidance, skills development, training and work experience to meet the economic needs of the city now and in the future. Skills and Entrepreneurship in Schools.
  • Employment opportunities: Enabling all residents to access employment through the development and delivery of local employment plans.

Page last updated: 24 May 2023

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