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Cabinet Member for Homes and Neighbourhoods | Birmingham City Council

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Cabinet Member for Homes and Neighbourhoods

Councillor Sharon Thompson

Summary of responsibilities:

Council housing management services

Oversight and direction of estate management services and best use of housing stock (across all housing providers).

Repairs and maintenance programmes.

Registered Social Landlords

Liaison with the Birmingham Social Housing Partnership on neighbourhood management initiatives and the housing growth agenda.

Private Rented Sector

Licensing and regulation.

Private Tenancy Unit activities.

Bond and deposit scheme initiatives.

Housing Options

Assessing housing need, options for vulnerable adults, children and young people and offenders.

Temporary accommodation provision.

A coherent strategy to address homelessness, including short-term engagement, education and enforcement with rough sleeping.

Tenant engagement in social housing

Tenant engagement in the management and development of social housing and Housing Liaison Boards.

Neighbourhood Management

Development of the Council’s neighbourhood engagement model and work with wider Council and partners to ensure integration at the local level.

Bereavement Services

Strategic leadership for the development of Cemeteries, Crematoria and Mortuary and Coroners Court Services.

Parks and Allotments

Provision, maintenance and usage of facilities.

Telephone: 07860 906291

Home and Neighbourhood Infographic outlines achievements over the last 12 months