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Cabinet Member for Children’s Wellbeing | Birmingham City Council

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Cabinet Member for Children’s Wellbeing

Lead Member for Children’s Services (LMCS)

Political accountability for all the local authority children’s services, including education and social care. 

This post is required by law to hold direct local accountability for the effectiveness, availability and value for money of the local authority’s children’s services (particularly education and children’s social care.) 

This role will therefore require close joint working and formal reporting with the Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Culture to ensure appropriate accountability for statutory education functions contained within the LMCS role – including fair access to schooling for all children, high quality early years provision and children’s involvement in public decision making.

Safeguarding Children and Young People

With statutory partners, the safety and wellbeing of all children.

Children’s Services

Leadership, strategy and effectiveness of children’s services – responding to the needs of all children and young people, especially the most disadvantaged and vulnerable, and their families and carers.

Overseeing the Children’s Trust    

Oversight of the ‘client side’ role of the Children’s Trust to ensure the delivery of agreed outcomes, KPIs and finances within the legal and contractual framework agreed

Overseeing Early Years     

Ensuring a sufficiency of places and a citywide Early Years Health and Wellbeing offer. 

Corporate Parenting

Political leadership on improving the lives of looked after children. Ensuring all Council members, officers and services understand and actively promote the Council’s responsibilities to looked after children.

Lead Member for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and Inclusion

Lead Member, working with the Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Culture, leading the SEND agenda across children’s agencies and holding officers and partners to account for the delivery of the Birmingham SEND strategy.