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Application for funding criteria

2021-22 Arts Activities Commissioning Grants

To apply for a 2021-22 Arts Activities Commissioning Grant you must be a constituted, not-for-profit, Birmingham based organisation or group who has arts as the main object or purpose in their Constitution or Articles of Association (i.e. an arts organisation).

Your organisation/group must have:

  • A signed governing document (Constitution or Articles of Association e.g. set of rules) appropriate to the legal structure of your organisation, showing your organisation/group is not-for-profit and has arts as its main object or purpose.
  • A bank account in the name of your organisation/group which requires two signatories / dual authorisation (i.e. not a personal account).

If you are unsure whether your organisation is eligible to apply, please contact the arts team.

All applicants; including those who have had funding from us before must attend an online information session and/or an individual advice and guidance surgery.

We will not accept your application unless you have attended an online session or surgery.

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