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Public art should be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. It adds to Birmingham’s reputation as a top cultural destination, bringing people together to celebrate our heritage and be part of our future.

It should be valued, relevant, ambitious, inclusive, innovating, provoking, transformative, challenging, artistically-strong, stimulating, inspiring, risk-taking, bold, surprising and unifying.

This vision will be achieved through six objectives, each with an action plan to:

  1. Improve the practice of commissioning and developing public art in Birmingham
  2. Improve the funding base for commissioning public art
  3. Facilitate changes to Birmingham’s public art portfolio to improve the functioning and awareness of the Public Art Gateway Group (PAGG)
  4. Improve the information, advice and support available to local artists engaged in public art
  5. Improve the maintenance of existing public art in Birmingham.
  6. Improve awareness of and education about public art in Birmingham
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