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Support for survivors

There are not as many dedicated, independent support services for adult survivors as there should be. However, there are some services both in the West Midlands and more nationally that can be signposted to.

West Midlands


The National Referral Mechanism

The National Referral Mechanism (NRM) is the UK government’s framework for identifying and referring potential survivors of modern slavery and ensuring they receive the appropriate support.

Adults have to give informed consent to enter the NRM, and it is not the right choice for everyone. It is recommended that adults are supported to access legal advice and specialist independent casework before they make a decision about entering the NRM.

If an adult consents to enter the NRM, the form should be completed by someone who has been trained to do so. The Single Competent Authority at the Home Office will look at the information on the referral form, and use that information to make an initial decision as to whether someone is a potential survivor. If this initial decision is positive, then the person will enter the NRM and be entitled to support while in the process. These support entitlements are protected under European law.

This guidance explains how to complete the NRM referral form.

View the National Referral Mechanism guidance: Adult (England and Wales)

The NRM referral form is digital, and can be accessed on the GOV.UK website

It is recommended that an NRM form is drafted offline see the link below, before it is copied and pasted into the online form.

Offline form on the GOV.UK website 

All adult survivors should have the NRM form read back to them before it is submitted, and consent to all information being shared with the Home Office. The information will also be sent on to the relevant police force, so they will need to consent to this as well.

Duty to notify

If an adult survivor does not consent to enter the NRM, then a First Responder should still complete a Duty to Notify form on the GOV.UK website

This is an anonymised version of the NRM form, and helps the Home Office to build up a picture of the nature and scale of exploitation in the UK.

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