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Buying a memorial or grave marker

Marking a grave

You must have the Exclusive Right of Burial to add a memorial or grave marker to a grave.

When a grave marker can be added

You can arrange for a memorial to honour a loved one in all of our cemeteries. Memorials that are available include plaques, benches and headstones. Before a headstone can be added, the ground will need to settle. This can take up to 18 months.

You will need to contact a stonemason to order a headstone.

You can add a memorial immediately to a lawn header, concrete lined or walled grave, or a plot containing cremated remains.

Types of memorial or grave marker

We have mini graves available at Brandwood End, Kings Norton, Lodge Hill, Quinton, Sutton New Hall, Witton and Yardley cemeteries.

You can also have a temporary grave marker. These are wooden markers with name plaques. You can use these on graves for up to 24 months while the ground settles.

We have other memorials available. These include Books of Remembrance kerbs and plaques. Some of our cemeteries also have natural memorials.

Looking after memorials

It is the responsibility of the grave owner to maintain a memorial or grave marker. Sometimes wildlife can dislodge memorials or damage surrounding areas. We recommend that you take out all-risks insurance to protect your memorial.

View the memorials we have available

Cost of memorials

Find out more about our memorial fees (currently under review).

To find out more about memorials, for help, or to report a concern, contact Bereavement Services.

Page last updated: 6 March 2023

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