General Election 2019

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Guidance notes

Please note:  Any personal information that you provide on the subject access request form may be used by Birmingham City Council to:

  • confirm your identity
  • provide you with the information that you are seeking
  • ensure that our records are up to date

In order to respond to your personal information request we may:

  • ask you for proof of identity
  • need to share some of the information on the form with other departments in the council
  • need to seek consent from anyone else who you will be named in or have provided the information you have asked for

There are some cases where we may not be able to release information:

  • If we have received legal advice about your case this may be covered by legal professional privilege and remain confidential
  • We will not release information that is part of a current investigation or contract negotiation with the council
  • Any information about other people, including other members of your family will be blacked out

Accessing records for another person:

  • You can authorise someone else to make a Subject Access Request for you, such as a relative, advocate or solicitor. They will need to provide proof of consent, or registered power of attorney and proof of identity.
  • Rights under the Data Protection Act apply only to living persons. There are, however, issues of confidentiality surrounding access to information about a person who has died, particularly if they were in social care. The person may not have consented to disclosure of information while they were alive. The executor of their estate or next of kin will inherit their right to confidentiality. Access to information about a deceased person may be given at the discretion of the council, but the case may be referred to Legal Services where appropriate.
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