Concerned about serious wrongdoing? (Whistleblowing)

It’s always good for us to hear when things go right, but it’s also important for us to know when things go wrong.

When things go wrong

If you’re unhappy about something and want to tell us what you think about our services, you can do this through our Your Views page.

Tell us about serious wrongdoing

Sometimes it’s more serious than that. You might be aware of serious wrongdoing, by or because of one our employees, or anyone working on our behalf (such as agency workers, suppliers or consultants). This might be the illegal use of public money or something that’s a serious risk to public health or safety, for example.

If you are aware of serious wrongdoing, you should contact us and let us know.

We will look into any allegations and take action, where appropriate.

You can find out more in our Birmingham City Council Whistleblowing and Serious Misconduct Policy

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