Fees for charitable markets, fairs or car boot sales

If your event is being run to raise money for charity or a local good cause, you pay lower fees.

You must pay a licence fee of £54.60 when each application is approved.

If you are going to have more than 50 stalls or cars, there is an extra charge of £1 for each stall over 50.

You must be able to show us evidence that all your income from letting stalls has benefited the charity or good cause you identified in your licence application. You must also keep information on the number of stalls let.

If you can’t provide this information when we ask for it, you may have to pay the full commercial rate of £2 per stall let over 50.

The exact fee will be calculated within 7 days of your event taking place. If one of our market officers inspects your event, we’ll use their report to calculate your fee. If we don’t inspect your event, we'll use the information you provide on the number and size of stalls that were at your event.

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