Lease or license a market stall

If you want to trade from the same stall, at the same market, every trading day, you should apply for a market stall lease or licence.

You can apply to trade regularly at the:

Registering as a trader

All traders need to register with us before they can rent a stall.

To register you will need to provide the following things by email:

  • your British or EU passport, or an approved Right to Work document, which shows you are allowed to work in the UK
  • proof of your address, such as a bank statement or utility bill no more than 3 months old
  • a recent photograph of yourself
  • your National Insurance number
  • evidence that you have Third Party Public Liability Insurance to indemnify yourself from claims for personal injury. This insurance can be obtained from most insurance brokers or through specialist organisations, such as the National Market Traders Federation.

You will also need to provide the originals of the documents you email us when you start to trade.

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