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Relief for charities and non-profit organisations


Charities are entitled to mandatory relief of 80% of the full rate bill (or of the transitional bill where such arrangements apply) on any non-domestic property that is wholly or mainly used for charitable purposes.

Billing authorities have discretion to award further relief to cover the remaining 20% of the bill.

Community amateur sports clubs

These are also eligible for mandatory relief.  Empty properties under the responsibility of a registered charity or a Community Amateur Sports Club may benefit from 100% relief.

Non-profit making bodies

Billing authorities can award up to 100% relief to non-profitmaking bodies whose main objects are charitable or otherwise philanthropic or religious, or are concerned with social welfare, education, science, literature, the fine arts or recreation.

The power is discretionary and can therefore be limited by other factors, notably the budget and funds available for this purpose.

The council recognises the valuable role that voluntary organisations play in the life of the community. The council is committed to providing high quality services to Birmingham’s ratepayers and acknowledges the way voluntary groups can complement these services.

Applying for relief

To claim mandatory relief, please complete the online form

To claim discretionary relief, please complete the discretionary rate relief downloadable form.

We will assess your application carefully against the criteria set out in our policy. We give you our decision in writing. If we award relief we will issue you with a new bill. If we do not grant relief we will explain why in writing.

Appealing a relief decision

If you think our decision is wrong you should first look again at our policy to make sure you meet the criteria. If you still think our decision is wrong you should email or write to us within one month of the decision letter explaining why you believe you meet the criteria, providing additional evidence where appropriate.

An independent panel of officers will review your application thoroughly together with any further information provided in or with your appeal letter. It can decide to:

  • Uphold the original decision
  • Award additional relief
  • Award less relief.

We will write to you with the outcome normally within 7 days of our decision. There is no further right of appeal against a decision of the panel.

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