You have the right of appeal at a school where you have applied and been refused admission. If you are considering the possibility of submitting an appeal, please read the advice regarding appeals on our website carefully, such information follows. You can only appeal against the refusal of a place at a school that is currently one of your live preferences.

If you have not applied and been refused admission for a place at a school, you have no right of appeal for that school. If you wish to apply for a school that was not originally one of your preferences, please refer to: apply online, late applications and late changes of preferences 

Appeals are heard and decided by panels who are completely independent of the Council and the school(s) you may appeal for. Consider the likelihood of your appeal being successful. For example, were you realistic with the preferences you submitted for your child? Appeals are generally only successful if you or your child have exceptional reasons for needing admission to a school.

There are no guarantees that any appeal will be successful (see below for the number of heard and successful for appeals administered by Birmingham City Council over the last three years).

Percentage of successful appeals in 2019 to 2021

School year

No of appeals heard

% of successful appeals

Secondary transfer 2020



Secondary transfer 2019



Secondary transfer 2018



Should you wish to appeal, the closing date for submitting your written appeal is 29 March 2022.

If you submit an appeal after this date, it will be classed as a late appeal and will be heard after the on time appeals, and it may not be heard before the beginning of September 2022.

You can access the appeal form online from 9am on 1 March 2022.

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