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Apply for a temporary pavement licence

Temporary Pavement Licences allow businesses to place removable furniture on the pavement outside their premises for the sales and consumption of food and drink. They are a temporary alternative to a Part VII Highways Act Pavement Café Licence, and they will usually last from the day they are granted until 30 September 2024.

  • After submitting your application, details from the form will be published on our website and the public key council departments, Councillors and the Emergency Services) will have 7 days to make representations regarding your application.
  • After this consultation period, the council will then have a further 7 days to determine whether or not to grant the licence. If a decision is not made in time, the licence will be automatically granted subject to the standard conditions.
  • Note that the £100 application fee is not refundable if the application is refused, or if the licence is subsequently surrendered or revoked.
  • If you wish to allow your customers to smoke in your licensed area, you must also include a non-smoking area in your plans.
  • On the day of application, applicants will be sent a site notice, this must be printed and displayed on the premises that same day. The notice must be displayed where it can be easily read by those not on the premises, and it must remain displayed for 8 days (the day of application and the 7 days following).
  • Applicants must then take a photograph of their correctly displayed notice and add it to their application using either their Brum Account or the link we will send to you. This must also be done on the day of application. Failure to take evidence of the timely and correct display of your notice may lead to your application being refused.

Detailed information about the process including the standard conditions can be found in the policy document.

Special events

All Pavement Licences (TPLs and Highways Act) have a condition requiring businesses to cease operating their licensed area for works and special events; be mindful of this when considering making an application.

Make an application

You will need a BRUM account to complete your application. If you do not have an account, you must register.

Use the map below to start your application. The map will default to a 2 mile radius from Birmingham city centre, and you can:

  • search by entering a post code or road name in the search button (include the property number if known)
  • use the "find my location" circle underneath the zoom tabs to use your current location when making a report
  • use the "plot new enquiry" tab and zoom in to choose the location manually

When you have marked the location (in the part of the pavement you wish to licence) on the map, use the "submit new enquiry" tab to begin completing your application.

Note that the map may not be displayed if you are using an older version internet browser (such as Internet Explorer 10 or earlier).

Page last updated: 29 September 2023

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