Use of parking bays or road space

To use parking bays or road space to create space for outside customer seating, businesses will need both:

  • a Temporary Pavement Licence – to authorise the use of removable furniture
  • formal Highways permissions such as a Traffic Regulation Order – to authorise the use of the parking bay or road space.

These permissions must be sought separately.

If a Temporary Pavement Licence is granted which involves the use of parking bays or road space, it will only be valid where the relevant additional Highways permissions have been granted and are in operation.

The costs of obtaining a suitable Traffic Regulation Order are likely to exceed £2500 and the process may take upwards of 3 weeks.

To discuss the options available, submit a new works on the Highway Form outlining your requirements. Your Local Engineering team will then be in touch to discuss your proposal in more detail.

Page last updated: 16 May 2024

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