Licensing business plan and service standards

Our service standards

Our customers can expect that:

  • we'll process licence applications within 60 days*
  • if they request our assistance, we'll contact them within 5 working days to respond to their request
  • when we have no option but to take enforcement action against a person, we'll aim to complete our investigation within two thirds of the time allowed to us by law
  • we'll operate an appointment system at our offices
  • we'll see personal callers to the licensing office within 15 minutes of their appointment time

*Subject to tests and committee timetable.

How we performed last year

Service Provision

(Our Commitment)

Acceptable Quality Level

(Our Target)

2018 to 2019 Outturn

(Our Performance)

We will respond to all applications in a timely manner:

Percentage of applications processed within 60 days*

*Subject to tests and Committee timetable
90% 99.6%

We will respond to Requests for Assistance (RFAs):

Percentage of RFAs responded to within 5-day target
97.5% 95.8%
We will submit all prosecutions and formal caution reports within two thirds of the time allowed us by law 47.2% 33.3%
Percentage of successful licensing prosecutions 95% 92.5%
Percentage of personal callers to Licensing seen within 15 minutes of their appointment time 97% 100%
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