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Construction dos and don'ts

Construction Dos

  • Do consult BCC prior to commencing any construction/demolition work likely to impact on neighbours giving contact details.
  • Do advise local residents in writing that work is to take place and provide a contact telephone number for them.
  • Do adhere to the following hours of operation for works audible at the site boundary:
BCC approved hours for construction works
Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
Saturday 8am to 1pm
Sunday and Public Holidays No works
  • Do consult BCC for prior approval if you want to operate outside these hours.
  • Do try to operate noisy equipment in the middle of the day only.
  • Do carry out piling operations using the quietest methods available.
  • Do keep noisy deliveries to the middle of the day especially skip and cement deliveries.
  • Do ensure all materials are carefully loaded and unloaded to avoid unnecessary noise. They should not be deliberately dropped.
  • Do locate noisy static plant e.g. diesel generators away from residential properties.
  • Do ensure noisy plant is adequately insulated/screened.
  • Do ensure equipment is properly maintained.
  • Do ensure mobile crushers and screeners carry the appropriate permit under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016 and that EPU and the permitting authority are kept informed.
  • Do ensure you create and maintain a site waste management plan where required.
  • Do maintain a site demolition/construction management plan that covers noise/dust.
  • Do screen noisy activities that cannot be moved away from noise sensitive premises.
  • Do ensure you adhere to your duty of care with regards to waste disposal.
  • Do ensure asbestos is removed and disposed of safely by a licensed waste carrier.
  • Do keep dust to a minimum on site by:
    • Management of stockpiles of dusty materials.
    • Spraying dusty parts of the site with water.
    • Keeping access roads clean, use wheel washers for vehicles leaving the site if required.
    • Covering wagons and skips containing dusty materials.

Construction Don'ts

  • Do not play amplified music on the site.
  • Do not use vehicles with reversing alarms before 8am.
  • Do not leave noisy equipment/vehicles running unnecessarily e.g. at night or early deliveries.
  • Do not burn waste on site or anywhere else.
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