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Overview | Construction and demolition advice to building contractors | Birmingham City Council


This information has been prepared by the Environmental Protection Unit (EPU) of Birmingham City Council (BCC), to assist contractors and developers in understanding the restrictions which apply to construction/demolition work. These restrictions are put in place to protect nearby residents and businesses.

Construction and demolition activities can generate emissions of noise and dust. Adhering to these simple rules will help to reduce local air pollution, complaints from neighbouring residents and businesses, and reduce the likelihood of possible legal action by BCC.

To make sure that your site is compliant, please ensure that all staff and subcontractors working at your site are made aware of the information contained within this leaflet. You are advised that you can make unlimited copies of this leaflet for distribution at site, for which a pdf is available for download.

Compliance with this guide does not constitute exemption from legal action.

Download a pdf version of this information