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Industrial emissions | What causes air pollution? | Birmingham City Council

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Industrial emissions

There are many industries which emit pollutants to atmosphere although all those who emit or have the potential to emit certain pollutants or in excess of specific concentrations of those pollutants are regulated by either the local authority or the Environment Agency. This regulatory regime is known as environmental permitting, and each facility (factory or premises) will hold an environmental permit which stipulates what they may emit, maximum concentrations (where appropriate) and what controls must be put in place to limit emissions.

In Birmingham, Environmental Health are responsible for regulating these facilities. We currently regulate around 230 such processes across the city, including:

  • petrol service stations
  • vehicle refinishers (car sprayers)
  • foundries
  • brick crushing businesses
  • surface coating and treatment
  • manufacturers of timber and rubber products
  • car manufacturing plants

Environmental permits are required by any business whose activities could pollute the air, water or land. There are many types of processes or activities that require a permit. If you have any doubt as to whether yours does, then please contact us.

Download the environmental permits public register

If you’d like to discuss an environmental permit application or the public register, please contact us.

Certain industries are regulated by the Environment Agency and they maintain a public register of their own.  Further information on any agency regulated facility can be found on GOV.UK's website.