MyBrumMap is the Council’s GIS Maps (geographic information system) application that has been made available for you to visualise spatial information on a series of maps and explore new insights into Birmingham and your local area.

GIS Maps are an increasingly important tool in helping to provide public services with the relevant information to make smarter, more informed decisions about an area to better deliver better services. By providing you access to MyBrumMap our aim is to enable you to gain deeper insights in geographical data and find out more about your local area.

Please read our terms and conditions under the welcome tab in MyBrumMap, as the mapping included within MyBrumMap is provided under licence from Ordnance Survey in order to fulfil the function to publicise local service and has strict requirements covering its use.

This is a new service and we are looking at adding more layers of data over the forthcoming months. As we develop this service further, we would welcome any feedback or suggestions for enhancements that you may have and you can email us at

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