Why recycle

With the cost of disposal increases year on year and landfill space quickly running out, businesses are looking to save money and achieve zero waste to landfill. It is now essential that we fully utilise all alternatives to landfill.

If you commit to reduce, reuse and recycle your waste, you will be saving money, helping to create and maintain employment within the west midlands and be able to convincingly promote your green credentials.

Waste Prevention – With years of council expertise and industry knowledge, we can advise clients in the best methods to avoid waste production via design & manufacturing and using fewer materials

Re-use – We currently work with local companies where all recycling is treated to ensure maximum recovery

Recycle/Compost – Birmingham Commercial Waste Services offers a mixed material recycling service for glass, cans and plastic bottles and also offers collections for paper and cardboard to meet all business needs

Energy Recovery – Our exclusively contracted Energy-Recovery-Facility (ERF) has the capacity for 350,000 tonnes of waste per year and provides power to 40,000 homes. By using our ERF we are able to offer 100% diversion from landfill for your business.

Disposal – There are a limited number of materials that cannot be treated or recycled, we will manage the disposal of these waste materials as sustainable as possible, which may result in landfill as the final option

Benefits of waste to energy:

  • Minimise landfill.
  • Conserves scarce fossil fuels.
  • Recovers value – up to 600kWh electricity per tonne.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Minimises haulage of wastes.
  • Higher environmental standards than coal/oil-fired power stations.
  • Residues are used as construction material.
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