How to make a referral to Birmingham

You can make a referral  (via the Alert referral system). Please note making a referral does not trigger an emergency response from the Council.  

Make a referral

If you are referring someone who is already homeless please ring 0121 303 7410 for further advice. If you are calling out of hours, this number will be diverted to the Emergency Duty Team.

Referring to authorities outside Birmingham

From the Alert referral portal you can make a referral to a large number of housing authorities in England.

If the local authority you want to refer to is not included on list of supported authorities found when using the Alert referral portal, please consult the individual housing authority’s website for further information.

Before you start

A referral does not replace a homelessness application. The referred person(s) will still need to make an application if they wish to seek our help. However, following a referral, the Housing Options Team will contact the person to begin enquiries and decide if an application should be taken.

Before making a referral, the referring public body must:

  • Have consent to the referral from the person(s) being referred
  • Allow the individual to identify the housing authority in England which they would like to be referred
  • Have consent that the service user’s contact details can be given so the housing authority can contact them regarding the referral

Additional Information on who may be homeless and guidance on Local Connection guidance can be found below.  You may want to discuss this guidance with your client when determining if a referral is required and if so, to which housing authority they would like to be referred to.

Causes of Homelessness

Local Connection

You will need

  • To create an account or log into the referral portal called Alert. For this you need a valid organisational email address and will need to create a password 
  • Details for the person or household being referred, including their preferred method of contact and where possible details about their current housing situation and/or support needs.
  • To confirm that you have consent to the referral from the person(s) being referred
  • You may wish to complete the referral with the person present or alternatively if that isn’t possible the referral forms allows you to only enter information that you have knowledge of, as it is recognised that some referring bodies will not necessarily have an ongoing relationship with the person and/or household.
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