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Latest news

Work to build the route began on 5 March 2018 and will last approximately 50 weeks.

There will be no works occurring between 22 December 2018 and 3 January 2019.

Public drop in sessions

The contractor's compound at Spring Road (next to McDonalds) is now open. Access is via a pedestrian gate on A38 Bristol Road.

Representatives from the contractor and Birmingham City Council will be available every Wednesday morning, 10am to 11am, to discuss any queries or issues with the works.

Traffic Management

Bristol Street out of city

Construction of the cycle route along Bristol Street has begun; there will be daytime lane restrictions from 7:30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Belgrave to Bellvue and Wellington Road into and out of city

There will be lane restrictions from 9:30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday, to construct the central reservation.

Bournbrook to Edgbaston Park Road

The permanent signals are now in operation at Edgbaston Park Road.

Belgrave junction

Note: Traffic lanes approaching the Belgrave junction travelling out of the city centre have changed to the new permanent arrangement: one left turn lane, two straight on lanes and two right turn lanes. Traffic is now controlled with the permanent traffic signals.

Priory Road to Wellington Road

There will be lane restrictions into city from 9:30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Priory to Pavenham Drive

There will be lane restrictions from 9:30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Pebble Mill

The full permanent closure of the cross over in the central reserve at Pebble Mill junction will start to be constructed under a temporary order banning the right turn.

The right turn from Pebble Mill onto Bristol Road now permanently closed.

Pedestrian Diversions

The pedestrian crossing across the eastern arm of the junction has now been re-opened. The crossing across the northern arm remains closed.

Work in progress

Belgrave junction

The permanents signals at Belgrave junction have been switched on. The installation of new kerbs to form the cycle path will continue on the approach and departure of the junction on Bristol Road.

Bellevue / Wellington Road / Bristol Road Junction

Works have now commenced to create the new cycle crossing at Wellington Road and Bellevue. The contractor has begun excavation for the construction of the central reservation at Wellington Road.

Priory Road junction to Wellington Road

Works have now commenced to install the cycleway kerbs in the existing footway. This will involve the excavation of the existing footway and the installation of the new kerb lines for the cycle track.

Pebble Mill junction works

As part of the scheme, the right turn from Pebble Mill Road onto the A38 Bristol Road (towards city centre) will be permanently closed to to allow works to install the cycle way at the junction.

For this stage of the work, some parking bays will be suspended on Pebble Mill Road, near the junction with the A38. The works have commenced at the junction following completion of the utility providers' works.

Bournbrook to Edgbaston Park Road

Permanent re-instatement works have begun at Bournbrook junction and Edgbaston Park Road.

Edgbaston Park Road to Priory

The contractor has begun to install the permanent road markings between Edgbaston Park Road and Priory junction.

Works are continuing along the footpath near the Elmhurst School of Dance.

Priory junction

Works have now commenced at Priory junction to install traffic signal ducting.

Bristol Street

Work has now commenced on Bristol Street with the laying of kerbs for the new alignment.

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