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Refuse and Recycling Missed Collections


Refuse/Recycling due to be collected on Friday 18th July

Collections of rubbish and recycling due on Friday 18th July were affected by industrial action. Despite extensive talks with representatives from Unite, the City Council was unable to reach an agreement over issues raised by the Trade Union about terms and conditions of employment for refuse collection staff.

Where rubbish and recycling has not been collected, residents are asked to take uncollected bags, boxes and bins back onto their properties and to present them again when their next scheduled collection is due (one week’s time for rubbish and two weeks’ time for recycling).

The planned collection of unwanted old bins and boxes in the Aston, Ladywood, Nechells and Soho wards over the weekend of 19th and 20th July has also been disrupted by industrial action. We apologise for the inconvenience caused and ask residents to take them back onto their property. We will announce an alternative collection date once the industrial action is resolved. In the meantime you can take them to your local HRC.

We would like to reassure residents we are doing everything possible to resolve the issues relating to the industiral action.

Use the blue button above to report a missed collection

If you have already reported a missed collection, please do not report it again. If the collection has still not been picked up by the end of the next working day, please log into your account and click on my requests which will display all the requests that you have reported. Select the missed collection from the list displayed and then select the option to Escalate.

Missed Collections

Important Notice: If you access our services using the web, please check that you have up-dated your personal details. If you have changed address you must make sure that you up-date your “one account”, log out so that the cahnge is accepted and log back in before you request any services.

Before reporting a missed collection please ensure that you read the information on this page and check your collection schedule to ensure you have put your wheelie bins/boxes/sacks out for collection on the right day.

Refuse and Recycling Collection Schedules can be checked here.

You can only report a green recycling missed collection if you have purchased the service.

Please do not report a household rubbish missed collection if your next scheduled collection is within 2 working days. Put your waste out for collection on the next scheduled collection but we will not collect side waste that is presented alongside wheelie bins or sacks.

Please do not report a recycling missed collection if your next scheduled collections are within 5 working days. Put your recycling out for collection on the next scheduled collection but we will not collect side waste that is presented alongside your wheelie bins/boxes except neatly bundled cardboard.

Green recycling is collected on the same day as your household rubbish but in the alternative week to your mixed materials recycling.


If your wheelie bins have been tagged/the box carded/a sticker applied to a sack, this is not a missed collection and your need to refer to the information on the tag/card/sticker and either:

  • Remove the unsuitable material or side waste
  • Ensure the wheelie bin is not too tightly packed and that the lid can close

Once you have taken the above steps you can put your wheelie bins/boxes/sacks out for your next scheduled collection or take your housing rubbish/recycling to your local Household Recycling Centre.

Please Note: You may want to avoid the peak periods at Household Recycling Centres. These are:

  • Friday to Monday 9am

Generally the best times to visit the Household Recycling Centres are:

  • Tuesday to Thursday before 10am and after 3pm

If you report your missed collection we will collect your recycling/household rubbish by the end of the next working day. Your wheelie bins/boxes/sacks should be left at your normal collection point until emptied.

If your scheduled collection of recycling/household rubbish has been missed through circumstances outside of our control, such as inclement weather, industrial action or civil emergency, we will make arrangements to collect the wheelie bins/boxes/sacks as soon as reasonably practical.

If your wheelie bins/boxes/ sacks have not been emptied due to your household rubbish being presented late or in the incorrect manner, you will have to wait until your next scheduled collection before it is removed. In these circumstances you must return your wheelie bins /boxes/ sacks back to your property. Alternatively, you can take your recycling/household rubbish to the nearest Household Recycling Centre.

Essential Information
  • You can report dumped green waste here. We will investigate reported dumped green waste and take appropriate action. Where the dumping is clearly attributable to a particular household, we will ask them to dispose of the green waste and advise them that the free collection service has ended.

    Where the dumping is not clearly attributable to an individual household, we will leaflet the immediate surrounding area to request the responsible household to dispose of the green waste. We will carry out further assessments of the area and if the green waste has not been disposed of offenders may face legal action.

    If the dumped green waste is not removed, or where such behaviour continues, we will investigate this as a fly-tipping offence and take the appropriate formal action.

    We will only usually remove dumped green waste at the point where we have been able to identify and take action against the offender.

  • If you are a new occupier and there is no green recycling wheelie bin at your property, and you want to purchase this service, find more information here. The annual fee is £35.00 or on or after the 14 July 2014 the fee is £17.50.

    If you purchase this service online you will be entitled to a £2.00 discount on the prices quoted above.

    If you are a new occupier and want to report that your wheelie bins/boxes/pod are damaged or missing, you need to report this to us here.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • You are. We would recommend that you bag your household rubbish before putting it into your household rubbish wheelie bin.

      The recycling that you put into your recycling wheelie bins/boxes should be put in loose and NOT in carrier/plastic bags.

    • It is an offence to create a Statutory Nuisance by lighting a bonfire.

    • No. You must not overload your green recycling wheelie bin. If it is over-loaded and you cannot close the lid, we will not empty it as this may cause damage to the wheelie bin or our machinery/vehicle.

    • We will collect neatly bundled cardboard only if it is left alongside your recycling bin with a pod/boxes/refuse sacks.

      If any other additional waste is left alongside your wheelie bins/boxes/sacks we will collect and empty your wheelie bins/boxes/sacks but we will NOT collect the additional waste you have left alongside them. If you have left additional waste we will leave a tag/card on it which explains why the additional waste has not been collected.

      You will need to put the additional waste into your wheelie bins/boxes once we have emptied them and wait for the next scheduled collection. Alternatively, you can take the additional waste to your nearest Household Recycling Centre.

      If you repeatedly leave additional waste by the side of the wheelie bins/boxes/sacks, we will, if necessary, consider taking legal action or withdraw the service.

    • A tag is a label that we attach to any wheelie bin as a result of mis-use. The information on the tag will advise you on the action you need to take in order for us to be able to collect the recycling/household rubbish on the next scheduled visit. The reasons are tag maybe left on your wheelie bin are:

      • The waste is contaminated, this means that there are materials in the wheelie bin that should not be there or we do not collect
      • The wheelie bin was too tightly packed
      • The lid was not closed
      • Addtional waste was left around the side of the bin
      • We have damaged your bin and are in the process of arranging a replacement

      If you remain on a sack and box collection we will leave a sticker on your household rubbish sack if it contains garden waste or a card in your boxes if there are contamined materials in the boxes and we cannot empty them.

      If you receive a green recycling sack collection service, we will use a sticker if the sacks are being mis-used. The information on the sticker will advise you on the action your need to take in order for us to be able to collect the green recycling on the next scheduled visit. The reasons we may leave a sticker on your green recycling sack are:

      • You have put green waste out for collection in a sack that we have not provided.
      • The green waste is contaminated, this means that there are materials in the sack that should not be there or we do not collect
      • You have put green waste out for collection after the service has ended

    • We will collect and empty your household rubbish on the same day every week.

      Your mixed recycling wheelie bin/boxes are collected fortnightly on the same day as your household rubbish, please refer to your collection calendar or go online at for your collection schedules.

      If you have purchased the green recycling collection service your green recycling will be collected on the same day as your household rubbish but in the alternate week to your mixed recycling.

    • We recognise that a variety of community based groups and residents voluntarily support us by collecting green recycling, particularly fallen leaves from the highway during the Autumn season.

      You can submit a request to us by email at and we will supply any bona-fide group / residents with green recycling collection sacks and make appropriate arrangements for them to be collected free of charge.

    • Disposal of Japanese Knotweed canes should be done within the confines of your garden. Cut stems cannot re-grow once they have dried to a dark brown colour. Dried out stems can be safely composted. Pulled stems, which will include crowns, are not suitable for composting.

      You are responsible for removing Japanese Knotweed if it is on your private land. Further advice is available online from the Environment Agency.

      The council will not remove Japanese Knotweed unless it is on council owned land.

    • A pod is a container shaped like a box/basket that sits within your recycling wheelie bin for the collection of paper and card.

    • No.  We no longer provide household rubbish sacks and you can purchase them from local retain outlets.

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