School and Governor support

School and Governor support is available through the council to maintained schools and academies for an annual fee.

School and Governor support provides professional advice and support on all aspects of school management, governance and administration, including:

  • support for governance, including telephone and email advice on all related matters
  • conflict resolution, such as advice on how to deal with complaints from parents
  • supporting exceptional/unforeseen circumstances, such as advice on what action to take in the event of unusually bad weather
  • a range of documents and guidance, including example policies, audit tools, briefing notes
  • pay as you go training for governors

For more information, see School Governor Support Current Service Offer.

School and Governor support carries out routine oversight of governance at Birmingham City Council (BCC) maintained schools.  

School and Governor support works collaboratively with schools, other BCC education services and the Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) to identify governing bodies in need of targeted support or additional challenge.

For more information, see useful documents and templates for schools and governing boards.