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Community Network Support Team

The team supports citizens aged 18 and above, of all backgrounds, who may be facing a variety of challenging life situations.

The Community Network Support Officers (CNSOs) have a number of drop-in surgeries in their constituencies, where they can meet citizens face-to-face.

We can help build a network of support for individuals with low-level needs who:

  • may be facing isolation
  • have low-level
    • mental health need
    • physical disabilities
    • learning disabilities or learning difficulties

There are 10 CNSOs and one assigned to each of the ten Birmingham constituencies.

The support that the team offers is divided into two levels depending on your needs:

  • level 1: providing advice and information to signpost you to different services and organisations around Birmingham who can help
  • level 2: working more closely with you and providing in-depth support, for more complex issues (this is for as long as required, to meet your desired outcomes).

By working with you and establishing strong support networks throughout the various communities in Birmingham, we can:

  • build more welcoming, inclusive and supportive communities.
  • build a network of practical, sustainable, local and non-service community-based solutions.
  • prevent or reduce demand for, or dependency on statutory services, whilst providing community alternatives.
  • build greater community capacity and resilience.



You can self-refer by attending a CNSO hub that is local to you.

Referrals from organisations

Referral forms can be sent to the Community Network Support Team inbox, from professionals who are involved with citizens. If you are a professional but do not have the referral criteria, email the team. CNSOs are unable to assist citizens whom may have complex/specialist support needs.

Other Resources

Birmingham Connect to Support hosts the community directory. This has a wide range of support offers in your area.

Page last updated: 11 April 2023

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