Help to protect your belongings and property

You may need to help secure your property and belongings if:

  • you need to go into a hospital or a care home (including a care home with nursing), or
  • you are made the subject of a Place of Safety Order

We can help to protect your property and belongings if:

  • it is clear that your property and belongings are at risk or in danger, and
  • no other person can act on your behalf

To do this, we take similar steps you would take when you go away on holiday. For example:

  • buildings can be secured, which means taking reasonable steps such as locking doors and shutting windows

If valuables such as cash, jewellery, or antiques have been left in a property or pets have been left alone, then further action may be necessary.

We will need your permission to enter the property, except where the person cannot give it due to reasons of ill-health, i.e. the lack of capacity to make a decision.

Download our leaflet to read more about the protection of property

How much will it cost?

There is no initial charge for the service unless:

  • repairs or locks have to be fitted, or
  • repairs are needed to keep the property safe and secure

The council may carry out gardening maintenance work on front gardens.

After one month, the property owner will be responsible for a monthly charge. The current cost for 2022 to 2023 is £325 per month* or part thereof. This charge will continue until the council's services are no longer required.

*Council fees and charges are reviewed each year and may differ from the price stated.

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