Our Customer Charter

We want to provide excellent customer service to everyone in Birmingham. This means putting you first - all the time, every time.

This Customer Charter will let you know what you can expect from us when receiving our services, and what we expect from you.

Treating you fairly

We will:

  • be helpful and respectful to everyone
  • be understanding of your situation
  • act openly and honestly
  • keep our promises
  • deal with your requests and complaints quickly

Keeping you informed

We will:

  • give you clear information about the right people to help you
  • talk to you in plain language, without jargon
  • keep all the information on our website up-to-date
  • update you with any progress on requests and complaints

Getting it right

We will:

  • keep your personal information safe
  • say sorry if we make a mistake and act to put it right
  • make it easy for you to tell us if we get something wrong
  • use your feedback to improve our services

Making access easier

We will:

  • develop services with your help, that meet your needs
  • make our website accessible to everyone
  • increase our online services for you to use at a time that suits you
  • be clear about the different ways you can contact us

What we’d like from you

We’d like you to:

  • treat our staff with respect
  • give us honest, constructive feedback
  • get involved in your local community
  • use our website and the BRUM account to get the services and information you need

Download our Customer Charter 

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