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Getting active outdoors

Research shows that those who use and are around green spaces have improved health and wellbeing. This includes improvements in physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

Being outside and active in green spaces is good for our bodies. Physical activities such as walking, cycling, and gardening can lower the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and other health conditions.

Being outside in green spaces also provides mental health benefits. People who spend more time in nature find that they have:

  • Increased happiness
  • An improved mood
  • Less stress
  • Less depression
  • Improved concentration

Getting active outdoors in green spaces also help people feel more connected to their community and reduces social isolation. It also gives people the chance to be involved in shared outdoor social activities.

This can include being involved in walking groups, cycling clubs or volunteering to take an active role in caring and improving your local park.

If you want to get outside in green spaces and get active, the resources below can help:

Page last updated: 20 January 2023

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