Healthy child programme

The Healthy Child Programme is the evidenced based universal programme for children aged 0 to 19 years. It identifies the interventions and services that children and families need to receive to help achieve their best health and wellbeing outcomes including screening tests, immunisations, developmental reviews, and information and guidance to support parenting and healthy choices. The council is responsible for commissioning the appropriate services to deliver these interventions. Our aged 0 to 5 years services are delivered by Birmingham Forward Steps which is a partnership of organisations providing Health Visiting and Children Centre Services.

Our aged 5 to 19 years services are delivered by Birmingham School Health Support Service: Birmingham Community Healthcare. They can give confidential advice, care and support to schools, children, young people and their parents. They are there to protect and promote the physical and emotional health of children and young people, to ensure that they get the most from their education.

Find out more information about other aged 0 to 19 years services:

  • For the moment you start your pregnancy journey: BUMP – Birmingham and Solihull United Maternity and Newborn Partnership
  • Healthy Start is a scheme to help eligible expectant mothers, new parents and their children up to age 4, to eat healthily. You might be able to get free vitamins and a voucher towards the costs of milk, vegetables (including frozen vegetables) and fruit (or infant formula milk if you have had your baby).
  • For information on vaccinations and tips for parents: Vaccination tips for parents
  • Beezee Families is a free 12-week healthy lifestyle programme designed specifically for families with children aged 5-12. The programme can support families to build healthy habits around food and activity. The program offers:
    • group sessions are available in-person or online
    • weekly family-friendly games and activities to keep you active
    • support from our coaches and nutritionists to make small, easy changes that become long-lasting habits
    • expert advice on nutritious snacks and easy meals to cook together

Learn more about about Beeze Families

If you have any concerns about the safety and/or welfare of a child or young person, find out who to contact on the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership website.

Seldom Heard conversations about pregnancy

Seldom Heard Conversations about Pregnancy is a collaborative approach between Birmingham City Council, Local Maternity Neonatal System (LMNS) along with supporting NHS Trusts and voluntary organisations worked together to produce a report, which aims to highlight the national decline in infant mortality and the clinical care given to families and patients during the course of their pregnancy.

Read the Seldom Heard report

Page last updated: 16 April 2024

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