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Health and wellbeing in your 50s to 65

Looking after yourself at any age, but particularly in your 50s through to 65, can help keep you healthy and improve your wellbeing. Things that we can all do to lead healthy and happy lives, as we approach older age, is to be mindful of what we eat, keep physically active and stimulate our brains by learning new skills and being creative, getting enough sleep and rest and maintaining ties with friends and our communities.

Often people approaching their 50s will be facing new life challenges such as becoming carers of elderly loved ones, managing declining and multiple health conditions, coping with Menopause symptoms, financial challenges such as mortgages and growing families and possible feelings of isolation and loneliness due to a relationship breakdown or bereavement.

Birmingham Connect to Support is an online information and advice guide, community directory and marketplace providing a range of local activities to help people in their 50s live well in Birmingham.

A healthy brain

Good brain health is important for everyone. Challenging yourself to learn new skills, eating a healthy diet and undertaking regular physical activity all helps in maintaining good brain health and can delay or prevent the onset of dementia. Think of your brain as a physical organ that also needs exercise to keep healthy.

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