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Blood donation

We maintain a regular supply of all blood types to ensure the right blood is available to everyone who needs it. We need enough of the right types of blood to meet day-to-day patient needs and to cope with emergencies.

There are eight main blood groups:

O positive A positive B positive AB positive
O negative A negative B negative AB negative

Some patients, particularly those who require on-going transfusions, need blood that closely matches their blood type.

This involves matching blood more extensively than the main blood types.

Some rare subtypes are more common in specific communities, which is why we particularly need more blood donors from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

Blood components have a limited shelf life, this is why we need people to donate regularly.

Most people can donate blood but there are some limitations on people with specific health conditions and risk factors, you can find out more about these at NHS Blood.

There is a blood donation centre in Birmingham City Centre as well as other sites around the city.

You can find out more about blood donation on the Give Blood website.

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